Thursday, January 08, 2009

I love it when I'm right #2,989

Ah, the joy of being able to say, "I told you so!" Especially because you usually can't say that because the person you told is someone you really like or love and he already knows you were right and saying "I told you so" is definitely, definitely not going to do anything to improve the situation or the relationship.

So when you can yell, "I told you so!" at a stranger, it's not as gratifying as it would be to say it to a loved one but it does carry some weight nonetheless. Maybe 60 utiles of gratification instead of the 500 you would get from saying it to your husband but you can never, ever do that.

Let me ask you. Suppose it was snowing. Had been snowing. Four inches in the morning, which means an hour of shoveling off the driveway. Then temperatures above freezing during the day (translation: the snow on the roads melts but does not dry), then below freezing after dark (ie, the melted snow freezes, that is, there is ice on the road). Then there it starts to snow again, so any ice becomes covered with snow.

Do you go out for a bike ride? On a road bike?

No. No you do not. Not if you have even half a brain in your head.

Let's review the facts again:

1. Icy road
2. Covered with snow
3. In the dark
4. On a bike with very smooth tires
5. Bonus: Rider dressed in dark colors

When SH and I were at the stoplight last night on our way to the restaurant to meet his friend Peter and saw not one but four cyclists coming from the right and turning onto the road ahead of us, it was almost as if I was clairvoyant. "That's not a good idea," I said. "I wouldn't ride a bike under these circumstance."

And I know we shouldn't have laughed because someone could have lost an eye, but it was funny when the last guy skidded and fell off his bike after he turned. Thank goodness SH has the reflexes of a hawk and that we have snow tires, because he was able to slam on the brakes and keep from running over the idiot, although really, does the gene pool, even the shallow end, need someone who would ride his road bike on a snowy, icy road after dark?

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John0 Juanderlust said...

Damned those reflexes. I'm not sure if it is the implied greenness or what, but I get them in the middle of the road on mountain curves, which means I see them about the time I am within a few feet.
Many times I've run the gene pool argument through my mind. If not for the resultant red tape, my reflexes would be much slower.