Sunday, January 04, 2009

Important things I didn't want to know #98

Other things I discovered during the journalspace-imposed hiatus:

1. If you wear long underwear under your red knit dress and don't wear a slip, your dress will cling to your (wrinkled) long undies, thus providing hour of fun for the people sitting behind you at the Christmas Eve service put on by the Lutherans.

2. If you don't trim the silicone baking sheet to fit inside the cookie sheet, on your third batch of cookies, when you are pulling the pan out to see if the cookies are done (they're not), the baking sheet will slip off the pan and flip over, thus spilling half-baked, molasses cookies (made with butter, which is not cheap, which compounds the tragedy) all over the oven door, floor and racks.

Your engineer husband will regard this as a complete disaster and want to do a full root cause analysis; all you want to do is salvage as much cookie dough as possible, which is pretty much how all problems go between the two of you -- he wants to figure out exactly why something happened (and sometimes attach blame), you just want to get past the problem. This is the same difference that faced you when you were driving to the airport one Saturday morning and encountered traffic by the state fairgrounds. Your husband gets frustrated at the delay and wants to know why, why??? is there backed-up traffic on a Saturday! at the fairgrounds! in November! You just want to turn around and take another route to the airport.

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