Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 22: I love you, you're perfect, now change

What SH wishes he could change about me:

1. My sleeping habits (he wants me to stay up later)
2. My drinking habits (he wants me to)
3. My eating habits (he wants me to eat raw fish)
4. My voting habits (he wants me to go over to the dark side)

Yes, that is the sushi-maker's supper to the right. You can't see his Heineken, but trust me it is there.

The only one of these wishes that has the remotest possibility of reaching fruition?

I can tolerate some raw fish as long as it is wrapped in sushi rice and mixed with avocado.

1 comment:

Paul said...

Sushi is fine, drinking is fine, staying up late is fine.
Never ever vote socialist.