Thursday, January 29, 2009

More landfill for the rest of us

In the ladies' room with three other women and a very small baby whose diaper is being changed:

Woman 1: It's been years since I held a baby that small. I miss it.

Woman 2: Me, too. But I sure don't miss changing diapers.

Woman 1: Remember when we had only cloth diapers and had to wash them? Disposable diapers sure are nice.

Woman 2: But they're so bad for the environment! If I had a baby now, I would still use cloth.

Woman 1: Me, too.

Me: I wouldn't. I'd rather ruin the environment than rinse out poopy diapers.

Dead silence.


Benita said...

HA! I agree with you! ( I tried both when my son was born and finally converted to all disposable.)

John0 Juanderlust said...

I tried asking someone why some similar product was bad for the environment. She said it didn't break down for years and years. My answer was "neither do rocks, is that bad?" I made no points.

AndiMAC said...

I'd just rather not have the kid to begin with.....(crickets chirping)