Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Thanks, Al

What snow looks like in Memphis:


What snow looks like in Milwaukee:


Yes, that is SH using the snowblower Bruce gave us as a wedding present. What a perfect gift!


MrScribbler said...

Presumably, the neighbors had all their windows closed....

What's the etiquette involved in exporting snow to the next yard, anyway?

Fin said...

You have truly gone against the trend when it comes to moving to or from a cold climate.

It was 70 when I left girlblogger last week and 19 when I got back to the Isle of Long.

It is getting kinda old......

class-factotum said...

Mr S, we have talked to our neighbor and begged her indulgence. There is no place for us to put the snow in our driveway except on the small strip of garden belonging to the neighbor's house. Fortunately, our neighbor is nice and a renter of a duplex and the side we put our snow on is the other renter's side of the duplex and she NEVER shovels or mows the lawn, which has to tick off the nice neighbor. I try to keep our snow off their shoveled sidewalk, but don't worry about it too much because it's not the nice neighbor's side of the sidewalk.

Fin. I lost the coin toss.