Friday, February 27, 2009


The cat lady said to put the cats in one room and leave them there for a few days until they got used to their new surroundings.

They would be scared.

They would get lost. You know, because cats are 1) stupid and 2)our 80 year old house is so enormous.

Cat#1, so afraid of being around her person.


Houdini broke out of the furnace room in 30 seconds. I turned around in the kitchen and saw her behind me. I went back down to the basement and saw that I had indeed, closed the furnace room. I put her back in and closed the door again.

Two minutes later, she was back upstairs.

I took her back down and she broke out again.

I took her back down and watched what she did.

There is a 5" hole in the corner by the laundry room where the chimney used to be.

I closed the laundry room door and blocked the hole to the laundry room with one of SH's 300 boxes of wine, because I don't want the cats in the laundry room with the detergent, bleach, paint, turpentine and chocolate -- they can buy their own chocolate, but surrendered and left the furnace room door open. Obviously, these cats were not so traumatized by the move that they vanted to be left alone.

Indeed, all Cat #1 (Thelma?) wanted to do was to sit in my lap and purr. Cat #2 (Louise? or is naming the cats after a couple of suicidal troublemakers who couldn't drive through Texas for a reason that was never specified not a good idea?) held back, sitting on top of one of SH's big speaker boxes that is and has been empty for a while but you never know when you'll need a good box.

What are some good girl cat names? I can think of all kinds of good boy-girl names, like Heloise and Abelard. Tristan and Isold. Adam and Eve. Sonny and Cher. Even boy and boy, like Tom and Jerry. There are some non-sex-specific names, like Strange and Charm. But girl and girl? Gertrude and Alice? Madonna and Britney? I think not.


Anonymous said...

We named our boy kitty "Jack", after Jack Bauer from the TV show, "24". His sister is named "Marie", after the prissy kitten in Disney's "Aristocats". (Oddly enough, the kitties happen to share our middle names...mine is Marie & Peter's is Jackson...we didn't realize it until after they were named...weird, huh?!!?) White-Chocolate

MrScribbler said...

I've always given cats names off the top of my head. What seemed to fit, fit. It has worked out okay; what could go wrong with cats named Rodolfo, Tyrone, Rosie, Hobbes (Dingleford) and a dog named Maggie?

Whatever you pick is right!

Name 'em quick before SH gets home. Name changes might traumatize them.... ;-)

Joanna said...

I agree - marital harmony requires a quick naming .... you don't want them to be traumatized because they had no name you could both agree on for days and days .... unless you want to give them multiple names, with middle names ..... like good Texas names, Edith Ann, Janice Ann, Mabel Claire. He can do the middle names ....

Of course you could have a contest, with chocolate as a prize and we could all give it our best shot ....

Are they too traumatizes for pictures? We do need to see faces if we must make suggestions.

class-factotum said...

Joanna, I have been able to get a photo of Cat #1's butt, her side, her butt, her side again, her back, etc, because she moves before my slow camera takes the photo. See the photo below Jenny drunk. That's from the rescue site.

WC and Mr S -- those are all good ideas.

Anonymous said...

By the way, we never call our kitties by their real names...the names have evolved to 'Mister' and 'Sister'...or 'Mister' and 'Miss'....when the boy cat does something naughty and we need to get his attention quickly, we find ourselves calling out the name of our beloved cat of 18 years (Alex...named after Michael J. Fox's character, Alex P. Keaton--our kitty was 'Alex P. Kitten') who is is catnip heaven...what's really bizarre with that is that Alex never did anything nearly as naughty as Jack does--but it's the first 'cat name' that pops out of our mouths!!! White-Chocolate

sunshine and light said...

Wilma and Betty?
Lucy and Ethel?
Angelina and Jennifer?