Monday, February 16, 2009

Get a life

Is it a sign that I need to get out more that

1. the high point of my day was buying new tupperware? Yeah, we needed it because guess what if you microwave tomato-based foods in plastic, the plastic melts. Also, over time, the lids crack. But should I have taken such pleasure in throwing away the cracked, stained containers and replacing them with new ones?

2. I was totally annoyed with Target, which I usually love (hey, they took back the gym pants I bought last week after I told them I had worn them once and had loosened enough during one class that they were falling and showing my not-to-be-shown tummy), because their classification system is lousy?

Let me ask you. If you were designing the layout for a Target store, where would you put the tupperware? In the kitchen section with the pots and pans, plates, and the Pyrex food storage thingies?

Or would you put them behind the crackers and milk with the plastic bags?

Yeah. That's what I thought.

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