Thursday, February 19, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 266: Honeydo

SH: It's cold outside.

Me: You don't have to go out to sing [karaoke -- don't laugh, he's really good -- at the American Legion with all the old Italian guys].

SH: You're making me.

Me: How's that?

SH: Yesterday, you said I should go out tonight so you could get to sleep at a decent hour.

Me: Oh yeah. You always do things just because I want you to.

SH: I do!

Me: Give me one example.

SH: I hung the pictures in the living room.

Me: Yeah -- seven months after we moved in.

SH: I've done lots of things just because you wanted. What about that list on the refrigerator?

Me: Have you finished the taxes? [We are due a huge refund because of the deduction for Imelda's alimony, and of course there is her usual drama with that.] Have you written a will?

SH: No, but I caulked the bathtub.

Me: That's because I was going to do it and you said I wouldn't do it right, even though I owned my own house in Memphis for seven years and took care of it just fine.

SH: I went to that dance class with you.

Me: That was part of your Christmas present to me!

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