Sunday, February 15, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 67: Shopping

SH actually likes to go to Menard's and Home Depot and the grocery store, whereas I look at those things as a necessary evil. He says it gets him out of the house. Me, I'm fine with being in the house. It's where the food and the heat are. But anyway. He is on a quest to return the re-keying set to Menard's (we decided that our house's previous owner hadn't given the key to anyone because he had no friends and definitely had no work done on the house) and to pick up some cottage cheese and cream so we can make baked ziti tonight (we already have the other ingredients).

That's the mission: return the re-keying set. Buy cottage cheese and cream

Here's what he will return with:

Furnace filter (I'm cheating -- he already called to get our model number)
Some kind of weird cleaning solution
Salt for the driveway, even though we don't salt -- we just warn people and carry a lot of insurance. But I am guessing salt is on sale.
Some odd tool that has one strange, but cool, use.
Three cans of pickle-flavored Pringles
One can of whatever their new flavor is

Cottage cheese
Rosemary Triscuits ("But we already have two boxes." "They were on sale!")
Chips (because I made pico de gallo the other day and how else are you supposed to eat pico de gallo if not with chips?)
Some kind of chocolate frozen custard -- depends on what the flavor du jour is at Oscar's, Gille's, or Culver's
Pickled green beans
Pork tenderloin ("But it was on sale!")
Chocolate-covered pretzels (OK, there's nothing wrong with that one)
Other flavored potato chips (in addition to the Pringle's)

Here's what he got. I didn't guess very well this time.

Some kind of weird cleaning solution: Your GREEN Solution resolution natural window wash
Me: But I bought Windex last week.
SH: Why didn't you tell me?
Me: Because I assumed I was responsible for household cleaning supplies.
SH: I always bought cleaning supplies when I was married to Imelda. She would just grab the first thing she saw and never worried about the price.
Me: I got it at Wal-Mart. It was $2.39.
SH: This was $1.50 and it's earth friendly.
Me: I don't care about being earth friendly. I just want something that will clean the mirrors.

Two bottles of Lavender and Chamomile SoftSoap
Me: We have a huge refill bottle of softsoap in the bathroom.
SH: But I like the fancy stuff. (Note. He is the one who bought the huge refill bottle.)

A package of jalapeno beef jerky

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AndiMAC said...

Pickle flavored Pringles are the BEST!