Thursday, February 26, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 89: Pets

Here's what my normally very Spock-like, logical, engineer husband sounded like when he looked at the videos of the cats, Zelda and Zippy, (yes, we would rename them -- it's not like they come when you call them anyhow) we want to adopt:

SH: Ooooh, they're so cute! Listen to her! She's talking! Oooh! Look at her cuddle on her shoulder! Oooh! I want those kitties! They're soooooo cute!

Then it was back to engineer mode in our email exchange later.

O'Malley watching my brother's gerbils, which he regularly released, chased, and tormented half to death.

Me: I could go get them tomorrow.

SH: No. I want to be involved.

Me: How complicated could it be to pick up some cats and buy a litter box?

SH: The prospect of getting cats RIGHT NOW is causing me some stress, as I'd prefer not to be dealing with that in my short time at home between my trips this week and next week. I would also prefer to have some time to prepare the house in advance. We may have to install at least one and maybe two cat doors, right? And we'll need to buy a cat box, litter, food, etc. I would like to have some degree of involvement in these things.

Maybe we could arrange to get the cats a little later (for example, a week or two from now) instead of right away.

My sister, passed out drunk with O'Malley.

Me: We probably don't have to pick them up right away, but we should dibs them. I could go get them, you know. I could also buy the food and the litter!

SH: I know, you could get the stuff--but I'm a micromanager and I have preferences when it comes to cat food, litter, type of cat box, etc.! Who do you think bought most of the stuff for Daisy and Winnie? [His cats when he was married to Imelda. He loves Daisy enough -- Winnie has passed -- that he will put up with seeing Imelda, also known as ITB, so he can visit Daisy when he is in California. He is going to see Daisy tonight, as a matter of fact. The reason he bought most of the stuff for Daisy and Winnie is that he did most of the household shopping -- Imelda was a lousy housekeeper all around. I am not a lousy housekeeper. Ahem.]

And I'd rather just be able to relax when I'm home this week from late Saturday until Tuesday morning--not nearly long enough!

Do you want to look at them before choosing, or do you think we should just say we want them?

If we can pick a day to get them, I'd choose a week from Sunday (March 8).

Have you double-checked to see that Siamese cats are going to be the best kind for you? I don't want to get cats and then have to find another home for them.

Me: I know I want Siamese! O'Malley [our cat when I was a kid] was Siamese!

I think based on the video that these cats would be fine. They seem to be sweet and loving. Have you watched? I like most cats and I especially like Siamese. Still, if you want to see them before we decide, that would be fine. We run the risk of not getting them, but there will be other cats.

As far as cat food, you can always tell me what kind to get, you know. Sheesh!

Zelda. Or Zippy.


MrScribbler said...

Ummmm...which one is passed out drunk -- your sister or O'Malley?

I say: go get the kitties now! SH won't be able to resist 'em when he gets home.

Richard in NY said...

Welcome to the international family of cat slaves.