Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 92: Life with a liberal

You would think that now that the election is over and the Big O Won (because he told us) that a couple such as SH and me wouldn't have anything to argue about any more, but you would be wrong.

Which is the better economic stimulus, tax cuts or government spending on stupid things?

Should the government interfere in the economy at all?

Why can't the big O make a speech that inspires? Why is his theme we have everything to fear?

Why should the feds bail out states that have wasted money for years?

So what if government employees get laid off? Didn't SH's company just slash vacations, freeze salaries, and promise no bonuses?

Why is it OK for big Dems not to pay their taxes?

Why should someone who didn't pay taxes in the first place get a "tax rebate" check?

I am hoping that someday soon, we might be able to have a day where we do not talk about a single one of these issues.


Robin said...

I feel your pain as my hubby tends toward liberalism as well. Courage, CF.

Richard in NY said...

I'm more conservative than my spouse too, so we just don't talk about politics much. That works for us.