Thursday, February 05, 2009

My people called it maize

Y'all, I am completely and totally in favor of the free market allocating resources and more power to the people who ever convinced us that a bottle of water was worth $1 even when water can be gotten basically free from the tap. I am also a big fan of family farming, seeing as that's how my mom and her six siblings grew up and part of why they turned out great, although none of them had any wish to stay on the farm, probably because after 18 years of getting up at 5:00 a.m. to milk cows, baling hay and cleaning out the barn, every other kind of work seemed like a piece of cake.

Thus, I am a fan of CSAs (community supported agriculture?), the system where you pay a fee to a local farm and get a box of produce every week or two from the farmer. Not enough of a fan to pay for it myself, seeing as the produce bargain counter at Sendik's is still a better deal, but a fan in theory.

But honestly -- who are the people who sign up to do this part?

Internships: A total immersion experience. [X] Farm offers 2-3 full-time, live-in internship positions each year. Typically we ask for a commitment from April through November, with a workweek of approximately 50 hours. Interns have the opportunity to learn hands-on how a 15-acre farm operates in an organic and sustainable way. You will be involved in all aspects of the farm, and will have access to books and other resources, including time to visit and work at other farms in SE Wisconsin. Compensation includes room, board and a monthly stipend.

All I can think of is this is the sort of thing that farm kids all over this country have fled after growing up under this "total immersion experience." This "total immersion experience" in an "organic and sustainable way" is also what has led to the development of pesticides, fertilizers and other productivity-enhancing developments. Sure, "organic" sounds great until you realize it means shoveling manure from the barn into a pile, then loading it onto a truck and spreading it on a field. It sounds fabulous until you have pulled weeds and pulled weeds and pulled weeds and still the weeds don't stop. Then you start to think that maybe there is a better way.

Definitely something White People Like.

Update: Definitely something rich White People Like. I just looked at the subscription fees. $27 for half a dozen eggs every other week. Suppose the season lasts six months. That's 12 dozen eggs. Sorry. I am not going to pay $27 for something I can get for $15 at the store and that's not even when they're on sale.


MrScribbler said...

I'm thinking of offering an apprenticeship in apartment cleaning, since people seem so attracted to shoveling dung....

class-factotum said...

Mr S, you are brilliant! SH and I should offer a snow-shoveling internship. And a refinishing the driveway internship. What about a packing up all the extra crap in the basement and taking it to Goodwill internship? I also have a scraping the peeling paint from the bathroom walls, priming with Kilz, then painting internship.