Thursday, February 05, 2009

Of course it's OK to lie during a campaign, or, evading taxes is the new patriotism

I assumed Obama understood all this and the campaign blather was just for show. But it turns out he’s created a climate of Puritanism in which any error is grounds for disqualification. In short order, he’s lost one potential official because she owed a few hundred dollars in back taxes over household help, and Daschle too.

From the NYTimes
. This guy also whines that when the Rs were in charge, they had too much red meat in the Congressional cafeteria. I didn't know Teddy K was a vegetarian. But then vodka is made from potatoes, isn't it?


MrScribbler said...

Any error?

I don't even want to think what it would take for someone to merit disqualification....

Probably not being a Democrat would be sufficient grounds.

Richard in NY said...

The red meat comment was actually a joke about Democrats being a bunch of tree hugging vegans.