Monday, February 16, 2009

Remedial econ for actresses

Dear Meryl Streep,

I know you're only an actress and shouldn't be expected to have half a brain, but when you whine about how actresses aren't paid as much as actors:

She famously unloaded at a Screen Actors Guild event in 1990 about the lack of female-driven movies and equal paychecks for women. ''I've never made the equivalent to what men make,'' she says now. ''I think Jack [Nicholson] made more on About Schmidt than I made on Mamma Mia!''

and then go on to explain that you have no concept, except for "Mamma Mia," about how much money a movie makes

'Actually,'' she says, ''Mamma Mia! made $560 million worldwide. I've never paid attention to that stuff, but this was just bringing it in.

then perhaps you should pay attention "to that stuff" and understand a few things.

The studios are in it for the money. They're not in it for Art. They're not in it to Make a Statement. They're not in it to Advance Feminism. They're not in it to Stick it to The Man or even to Support the Man.

All they want to do is make money. And that's how they make production decisions.

Show me one, just one of the top-grossing films of all times, that was driven by a female lead, and I will eat my hat. Oh. What's that you say? "Mamma Mia!" is on that list at number 46? Forty six? Yeah, that's up there.

And what's ahead of "Mamma Mia?" (which, incidentally, stank. I turned it off after the first ten minutes and I love me some ABBA -- even used to have most of their records).

Titanic. Lord of the Rings. Pirates of the Caribbean. Harry Potter. The Dark Knight. Shrek. Jurassic Park. Spider Man.

Huh. Not one movie dominated by a female lead. (Not necessarily a male lead, either -- these movies seem to appeal to teenage boys, except for Titanic, which appealed to my husband because Kate Winslet is on his List and to teenage girls. Because -- wait for it -- of Leo DiCaprio.)

Could it be that the reason Hollywood is so mean to you and other women is not because they are a bunch of women haters but because they are a bunch of money lovers?


John0 Juanderlust said...

I got two words for Meryl, O PRAH

Anonymous Mother said...

"Gone With the Wind"

class-factotum said...

Clark Gable. Vivien Leigh was an unknown.