Thursday, February 05, 2009

Right. Because I stop at just one chocolate chip

This will work. The British nanny government at it again:

The Government is set to order manufacturers to shrink the size of chocolate bars and fizzy drinks.

Health Secretary Alan Johnson will tell firms such as Mars, Coca-Cola, Britvic and Nestlé that smaller versions of their products should be available in all garages and corner shops to help stop people piling on weight.

Remember when Mars or Hershey made their candy bars smaller but kept the price the same because that's "what people wanted to pay" for a candy bar?


MrScribbler said...

You are just full of cheery news today!

I suppose next time I go over there I won't even be able to order "a pint," much less my favorite chockies in the sizes I like.

The sun is definitely setting on the British Empah.

AndiMAC said...

Glad I have nothing to worry about, I don't eat candy bars hahahahaha.