Monday, February 09, 2009

The seven stages of hanging pictures

Shock or Disbelief:

I can't believe we've been in the house since June and those pictures are still on the living room floor.


What's wrong with leaving the pictures unhung? We don't use those rooms anyhow -- it's too cold in there and we don't want to have the heat on in that part of the house with all those windows. We spend all our time in the kitchen.


Oh forget it. I"ll hang the pictures myself.

No! You won't do it right!

Fine. Let's hang them now, then.


It's such a pretty day. Should we waste it hanging pictures?


What are you doing? You have to measure to get the exact right place!

No, you don't. It looks good here. I have a good eye for this.

That's too low!

That's too high!

The internet says the top of the picture should be 72" from the floor.

Fine. Let me get my tape measure.

You're not holding it right! It's crooked!

So what? Hang the first picture and then figure out where the second one should go.


Oh good grief. This is going to take forever. You do it. Just do it how you want. I'm going to go read my book. I told you we should have done this when Bonnie and Gary were here.

Acceptance and Hope:

That looks fabulous, sweetie!

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