Thursday, February 12, 2009

Table for one

What a day looks like when SH is here:

Breakfast: oatmeal, coffee mixed with chocolate milk
Lunch: leftover steak or leftover gumbo or leftover something good -- we have a ton of stuff in the freezer
Snack: pear, apple, baba ganoush with red pepper strips
Supper: Steak, roasted asparagus, cream of mushroom soup (homemade, thank you very much), a spoon or two of SH's Never Enough Chocolate frozen custard

When he is gone:

Breakfast: same
On the way to the gym: three pieces of bubble gum hidden in the glove box because SH really hates gum so I only chew it when I'm not around him
On the way back from the gym: 1/4 bag of pretzels left in the glove box from the other day when I had to get emergency carbs in the middle of my step aerobics class, a handful of wasabi peas also stashed in glove box in case I need food while I'm driving and can't get to the peanut butter crackers and blueberry Pop-Tarts in the trunk
Lunch: pinto beans, brown rice, a handful (OK, three) of the chocolate Cap'n Crunch that was on the clearance table at Sendik's that I have hidden in the trunk of the car in the bag with the heavy blanket and candle in case we get caught in a blizzard (don't laugh it happens) so I don't eat it, half a pear the rest down the disposal because it's just not very good but what do you expect from a pear from the produce bargain table
Snack: 25 Wheat Thin vegetable crackers, another homemade mocha, two dates left over from Morocco, the sugared stuff at the bottom of SH's Frosted MiniWheats
Supper: leftover mustard chicken warmed in its Tupperware and yes I know the bisphenal A is going to kill me, whatever, half a can of tuna from the can, three handfuls of the GoLean Crunch that was also on the clearance table but that is in the cabinet because SH likes it for breakfast and I'm not embarrassed for him to know I bought it


MrScribbler said...

Ooooh! My kind of gal!

Anonymous Mother said...

When CF was a little girl, I asked her, "What would you make for supper?"

Her reply: A peanut butter and cheese sandwich and some soup.

Guess she wasn't all that far off...

Anonymous Mother said...

Other gems of wisdom:

Mama, Jesus is a man, isn't she?

All of the ladies are called lassies, right? And all of the men are called lemons.

Mama, why is your head in the middle of ya?

If nothing wasn't nowhere, it could be under the ground...

(Holding a handkerchief) Mom, is this called a little hanky-panky?

CF and her brother were playing under a tent made from a blanket:

CF: There's not enough room! Well, you're the daddy who went to work!

Do they make peanut butter out of graham crackers?

I want some wicked cream!

Does Jesus want us to brush our teeth?

I love your guts!

Hey, Mom, ain't I a fast poke?

At the horse races... "The front one's winning!"

Oh, for goodess gracious!

Why did that little girl have her ears disappierced?

1971 CF, you think too much about money.

Yup, I wanna be a "millier" when I grow up!

1970, while camping in Spain; I could stay here forever if we didn't have to drink milk!

CF called home while playing at her friend's to ask, "Mom, where am I from? I always forget!

Mama, I wish I was you.


So I could spank!

CF's brother: CF, I lost my tooth.

CF: Good, now if you get 30 cents, you'll only owe me six cents more!

1978 If the government wants money, why don't they have a bake sale?