Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tyranny of the facebookers

Am I the only one who is being hounded to join Facebook or myspace or whichever one is the grownup version? I have all (OK, three) these friends coming out of the woodwork to email me invitations to join. I spoke to my three college roommates on Sunday and Anita was urging the rest of us to join so we could keep up with her. I pointed out that by talking on the phone, we were keeping up with her. Then she said that we couldn't see the photos of her car after the runaway horse trailer had hit it while it was parked at work, minding its own business. (The horse was OK.)

Heather said that if she joins facebook, it will give her just one more thing to feel inadequate about, as she already doesn't answer emails for months.

If I join facebook, I will waste even more time on the internet and spend less time doing productive stuff, like painting the bathroom, which is what I did yesterday. Yes, it is way better to do that sort of thing while SH is gone because I can do it my way. SH, bless his heart, is a bit of a micromanager. He'd be all stressed that I was dripping paint onto the tiled floor and want me to be wiping up every single drop right now, even though it will scrape off just fine once it is dry.

The bathroom before. This peeling has all happened since we moved in last June. The previous owner used the upstairs shower. We do not take unusually wet, long showers. The peeling is not our fault. What happened is the guy who renovated the house a couple of years ago didn't use the proper primer in the bathroom, that cheap so and so. (This is the same guy who didn't put shelves in the kitchen island cabinets because everyone needs three cabinets that are 30" high. And who put cheap carpet upstairs rather than refinish the gorgeous wood floors.) Anyhow, the Menard's version of Kilz cost $7. That's it. Seven dollars for the primer that will keep the paint from peeling. He did all this to save $7.

After one coat of top paint. I need to put another coat on. The color isn't quite exactly what it should be, but I already had the paint, the semi-gloss (the renovator used flat originally, which is also wrong) I used to paint the baseboards in the guest room after we had the ugly carpet removed. I have an entire gallon of it because the paint store wouldn't mix a quart and darned if I was going to spend another $25 to get something just a shade bluer.

I didn't have to paint the trim because the part covered by the carpet was unpainted and didn't match the part that would have been above the carpet. I had to paint the trim because it hadn't been touched at all in about 20 years. It was really bad. Then I had to touch up the walls. The guest room was the previous owner's bedroom. He used to sit on the bed, which was pushed into the corner, with his naked back against the wall instead of against the headboard, and left this huge greasespot on the wall. Disgusting.


Fin said...

The news in NY has carried more than one really negative story about facebook. I get that it can help you connect with childhood and other friends, but it is like a tarpit, with so many bogs and things to do that it can rapidly take over all of a person's free time.

In truth I have developed a really negative attitude about it. In my opinion, any place where you put an attractive photo of yourself along with your real name is asking for trouble in an era where there is enough around without asking for more.

AndiMAC said...

Wow, that bathroom looks great. And that is a really cute desk.

AKJ said...

Do it! You know you want to.

John0 Juanderlust said...

Facebook has not grabbed my attention. I opened a page there, under a pseudonym, have no idea how it works and don't find it any more interesting than the fwd fwd fwd emails that used to arrive by the hundreds.

class-factotum said...

Thanks, Andi!

Fin, Anita, John, if I do it, I will just put my name up and no other info. I would want access to others' news. I don't want them to have access to mine.