Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We don't need no steenkin' badges

Installing a new threshold, method 1: Waiting for your contractor to do it

June: Ask contractor to make and install a new threshold.
July: Contractor takes laundry chute door to match color of stain for new threshold
Sept: After repeated phone calls to contractor, he returns laundry chute door, but not before you have six houseguests for 11 days.
Nov: After even more phone calls and emails, contractor leaves an unfinished wood threshold propped up next to your back door.

Installing a new threshold, method 2: Doing it your own darn self

5:00 pm - 5:17 pm: Measure threshold, cut off extra two inches with 9-point saw, sand remaining 1/4" off end with small sander used to get at the corners when you refinished the basement stairs

5:19 pm - 5:23 pm: Paint one coat of varnish on threshold. Leave it to dry.

9:11 am - 9:29 am: Screw paint stirrers to floor so there is something for the threshold to anchor to. Drill holes in paint stirrers and attach threshold.

Was it that complicated? Was I asking that much when I asked the contractor to do the job?




AndiMAC said...

Are you kidding me? SH couldn't do that?

class-factotum said...

Course he could! But he works about 60 hours a week and travels. My job is to take care of all the house stuff. I'd rather he spend his free time with me doing fun things than doing chores.

Benita said...

You did a very professional-looking job! And you're right about not wanting to bother your hubby with a "honey-do" list when he's home! Right idea!

Richard in NY said...

Very nice. I think it's called a flooring transition, but that might just be a NY thing.


class-factotum said...

Richard, where have you been?

Richard in NY said...

I was kidnapped by the Obama transition team and forced to eat oatmeal cookies while I reviewed hundreds of tax returns.

I found out why democrats don't mind raising taxes. They don't plan to pay them.