Monday, February 23, 2009

What I do when SH is away

1. Make bean soup. SH, eater of tripe, tendon and connective tissue, will not eat beans because they have a "funny texture." He also does not like anything with that "orange" flavor, like winter squash or sweet potatoes.

2. Go to the Lands' End outlet and come this ][ close to buying a pair of hot pink velvet jeans for $5 before remembering that 1) I am 45 years old and 2) don't have any occasions to wear hot pink velvet jeans. Plus, they were a little tight and not in a good way.

3. Wonder what's up with this little tab on the toilet seat in the women's room at Sendik's. It's probably supposed to be for lifting the seat and not getting pee on your hands, but if someone pees on the seat, wouldn't the pee hit the tab, too?

4. Watch a movie he's already seen: Mississippi Masala. I liked it, but Denzel was just meh in it. He has definitely improved with age. I didn't care for Mina at all -- she was kinda dull. Hey -- what's up with Denzel never having a black love interest in his movies? Do producers think I won't want to see the movie if he is hot for Angela Bassett instead of Eva Mendes? Back to Miss Masala -- the story about the dad and his expulsion from Uganda was far more interesting and they should have focused on that.

5. Chew pink bubble gum until my jaws hurt.


Debbie said...
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Anonymous said...

I saw your comments on Happy Catholic! I'm Debbie. Nice to meet you! A little TMI for you (LOL) My DH and I married when I was 39, 6 months later pregnant with my DS, 22 months after his birth, pregnant with my DD! No medical intervention at all. So, you can say I'm a bit gun shy! Prayers are needed!!!

John0 Juanderlust said...

I thought you were thirty something.

SH said...

I do eat beans--green beans, black beans and (usually) white beans--but most other beans (pinto beans, navy beans, Great Northern beans, etc.) are "not my favorites."

Marta said...

It's a little difficult for me to segue from the bean soup to the pink velvet jeans to the toilet at Sendik's to Denzel.

You wrote all that great stuff and what I read was "I get a little restless when SH is away and so I chew gum."


class-factotum said...

Hi Debbie. Thanks for stopping by! I answered your question on the original post.

Marta, actually, it's not, "I'm restless so I chew gum," it's, "SH hates gum so I take advantage of his absence to chew with abandon." But yeah, I'm bored and jumpy. I miss SH! :)

John, you are very sweet.

SH, I thought white beans were on the 'no' list. I wanted to make bean soup and you didn't want it!