Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yes, I'm bored

because I miss the heck out of SH. Here's what I've already done today:

1. Fed the cats. Responsibility is a bitch.

2. Colored my hair.

3. Cleaned the mildew off the shower curtain because I forgot to do it on Thursday, my regular cleaning day. Y'all, just because I am a gold-digging, stay-at-home, watch-TV, bon-bon-eating, bigoted, mean, conservative, stupid, meanie, it does not mean I do not have a schedule.

4. Paid the tree guy for trimming the pear tree.

5. Made a tab for the cat file. OK, not really. But I am going to.

6. Made arroz con pollo.

7. Emailed the cat lady about the cats and asked if we can get purebred Siamese if these cats don't stop shedding. Yeah. Guess what? Lynxpoint Siamese are NOT purebred Siamese. They are a cross between Siamese and tabbys. Silly me thinking that the PUREBRED CAT RESCUE people would only have PUREBRED cats. And that in my application when I said I had a problem with A LOT OF SHEDDING and had had to RETURN A SIAMESE CROSSBREED THAT SHED A LOT that that should have been a clue. And that when I picked up the cats yesterday and mentioned that they seemed to be SHEDDING A LOT that she didn't mention that oh yeah, they are a CROSSBREED. And that when I mentioned again yesterday that I had had to return a rescue cat because I woke up EVERY DAY WITH A MIGRAINE BECAUSE OF ALL THE HAIR and the cat was not a REAL SIAMESE because SNOWSHOE SIAMESE is a CROSSBREED and she didn't say OH YEAH SO IS THE LYNXPOINT!

8. OK, this is yesterday, but I have to compliment Time Warner Cable because the cable company usually takes so much crap, but yesterday I wanted to watch TV even though there is usually nothing worth watching but what is the darn point of having a brand new high-def TV if you are not going to watch it? But when I turned it on, there was no picture, a problem we have had off and on since we moved into the house. SH knows how to fix this but I don't.

I didn't want to call him and bother him at work about this, so I went to the TW website. They said to reboot the cable box, so I did, but that still didn't work. I could see the guide, but still no picture, so I called and spoke to a very nice guy named Mike in Costa Rica and we talked about San Jose and platanos maduros and the time he spent in Dubuque as an exchange student but he still was not able to fix the problem, so he arranged to send a technician out. Within three hours.

In the meantime, SH called me and told me when I re-booted, I needed to leave the cord unplugged for at least 30 seconds for it to work, so I did it again and this time, the picture did re-appear and I was going to cancel the cable guy, but SH said not to, that he wanted a new cable box. But when the cable guy showed up, he didn't have a box with him, so now I'll have to go to the cable store and get one myself.

The point is, I was totally, totally impressed at the service. I mean, Sears. Pay attention. We scheduled you the day before to deliver our $1,000 washer and dryer and you show up nine hours late WITHOUT keeping us apprised (yeah, I had to call INDIA to find out what was going on in MILWAUKEE CITY) and then your guy hooked the cold water line up to the hot water valve whereas Time Warner, who gets what, $50 a month from us for what is honestly a non-essential service, shows up on 30 minutes notice? No wonder Sears stock is tanking.

Then I watched "Hot Chick," which is a traditional morality play about the pretty girl who becomes a better person after she becomes as unattractive on the outside as she is on the inside.

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