Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cat du jour 2

Yeah, I know that violates the spirit of "du jour," so sue me. I'll get to the Bible stuff later. I made my notes last night. I have to do some Very Important Work for Luke (ie, he's PAYING ME, so unless you have some cash, don't look for me for the rest of the morning) before I do any more blogging.

But here's one more thing.

Or two.

One. It is no longer possible to leave hangers on the doorknob of the basement door in anticipation of doing Thursday laundry any more. Why not?

Because two.

Laverne (that still sounds odd) would rather play with hangers, or with my razor, or with the pull strings for the blinds, or with the newspapers, or probably my toothbrush, which totally grosses me out, because you guys know how I am about cat licking, than with the very expensive cat toy I bought yesterday at CVS.

Shirley, on the other hand, would rather sit on the bed and contemplate the tragedy of her lonely existence and emit the occasional existential howl. We don't have to worry about anyone breaking in -- any burglars will be frightened away by the unholy noises coming from our house. We do, however, have to worry about scaring the neighbors.


Richard in NY said...

Wecome to the joys of cat ownership. Them owning you that is.

I like the names. I've already decided that my next cat is going to be named Mingus.


MrScribbler said...

You're getting a crash course in what so many of us have learned about cats: they do what they want, no matter how much it grosses you out, and really don't care what you think.

Be patient, C-F! You'll soon realize no cat has ever killed anyone. Yet.

At least you're still in the "Cat du Jour" stage and not yet ready for "Cat au Jus."