Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cat du jour

OK we really don't consider our cats to be our children and even if we did, we wouldn't let our kids eat in our bed (we don't eat in our bed, unless it's chocolate and that doesn't count as food but as a necessity as important as oxygen -- our bed is reserved for important things), but Shirley just had surgery yesterday where her inside girl parts were ripped out and she didn't get to eat or drink after 10 p.m. on Sunday and we haven't seen her eat since she got home. She must be starving. A little lunch in bed won't kill her.

If some kibble falls on the fish blanket I got in Mexico with Harpo, so what?

We picked her up from the vet yesterday afternoon and she was all high from the anesthesia with huge pupils and walking like a drunken sailor, which was kinda OK not kinda but really funny so we were laughing at her as she lurched from side to side but then it was a little sad to watch her she tried to jump off the sofa and just slid and got this funny look like, "Am I gonna feel like this for the rest of my life?" like that little kid after the dentist.

Laverne had been missing her bud all day long, running forlornly from the basement to our room looking for her. When she saw Shirley, she ran up to her and tried to nuzzle, but Shirley hissed, something we have never seen her do. Laverne jumped back, offended, all, "Hey, I'm just trying to say hi. I thought you were my friend. Aren't I the one who ran to check on you every single time you screeched this week even when I was being brushed and petted?"

Shirley hobbled over to the receiver and sat on its warm top while we watched a movie. SH was concerned that she would be cold and miserable in the furnace room overnight, but the vet had told us that it might take a week for the hormones to work themselves out of her system. She could still be a peeing machine and I didn't want to take the chance that she might pee on the rec room carpet, which as you know is new as of July after our basement flooded nine days after we closed on the house but not because of external flooding fortunately (we didn't get flood insurance because we are in a 500-year flood plain) but because of sewer backup for which I had gotten the insurance rider so we were were covered thank you so much USAA, so the furnace room it was. We put a space heater in the there and laid an old towel next to it. SH carried her in there and put her on the towel and she was just fine overnight.

SH getting his shoes shined in Marrakesh by the guy who said, "I like get high, yesh?"

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