Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cat names du jour

Yes, I think Laverne and Shirley are keepers, but as I listened to the existential howls of despair coming from the basement at 3:43 a.m., I thought perhaps Simone (for Sartre's girlfriend, as SH has made it clear we cannot give the cat a boy name) and Geneva (for the Convention, as it also sounded as if someone was torturing the cat) might be appropriate.


Ptolemy said...

Ooo -- I really like those names -- Simone and Geneva... I might even save Geneva as a good next puppy name! (May that come a looooong time in the future!)

MrScribbler said...

One rule to remember -- think about how the kitties' names will sound when you're shouting for them out in the yard!

This rule kept me from using Hobbes's "real" name -- Dingleford -- in public.

I presume it might be dangerous to publicly call for Laverne and Shirley in the Milwaukee area?

class-factotum said...

P, you are welcome to them!

Mr S, SH is quite firm that they have to be indoor cats. Me, I think it's OK for cats to go outside, but SH is adamant about this and there is no middle ground, so I have yielded. But yeah -- it would have sounded kinda funny.

Anonymous Mother said...

Since when do cats come when you call them?