Friday, March 27, 2009

Does it count?

How much of a snob (we already know I am one, now we are establishing degree) does it make me that I was ticked off to see this stuff at TJMaxx today?

Yes, that is the Spanish smoked paprika, which you are supposed to be able to get only in Spain, the stuff we loaded up on at El Corte Ingles, or, if you get it in the US, you are supposed to have to pay a lot of money for it. You are not supposed to be able to find it at TJMaxx for $3.49. That is NOT AUTHENTIC! That is cheating.

And next to it? The Himalayan sea salt?

Hello? Does it count if you didn't get it in the Himalayas? I got my Hawaiian sea salt in Hawaii! That's what makes it brag worthy. What is the point of hauling salt, something I can buy for 38 cents at the Pick and Save, across the darn ocean if there is no snob appeal in it? If all I have to do to get Primordial Himalayan Sea Salt (news flash -- there is no sea in the Himalayas) is drive down 76th street, then why would I go halfway around the world? I am ticked, ticked, ticked off about this.


John0 Juanderlust said...

TJ Maxx carries food items? I'm alarmed. I don't care about the Spain stuff, but they have no business in the Good Salt business. I'm highly suspicious of the Himalayan Sea which allegedly produced that salt.
As far as degree of snob, I'd say if these things fit a Bell curve, you are over there in that little skinny part on the high end.

Michelle said...

Woah, they had Himalasalt there?

I get mine through

You can read more about where they get the salt from @