Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The hills to die on

A friend at the gym: I'm staying with my grandson this week while my daughter goes out of town.

Me: That should be fun.

Friend: Yeah, but she is leaving at tofu casserole in the freezer for him.
This is for Marta the Cuban cook. This is the real cheese at Patrick and Ilene's. Am I happy to be going there this weekend? Oh yes.

Me: That sounds disgusting.

Friend: He doesn't like it either.

Me: What are you going to do?

Friend: What do you think? Mac and cheese and hot dogs.

Southern cooking makes you good looking
Just sayin'. You don't see art proclaiming that raw food, macrobiotic, vegan diets make you pretty. I would also like to note for the record that Southern cooking does not make a broom grow out of the top of your head and that there seem to be a lot more Miss Americas from the non-northeast part of the country. Not that those women couldn't look good if they made an effort, but when SH and I were in Boston a couple of years ago, I did notice that the only two well-groomed, made-up, hairstyled, shaved-legged, non-birkenstock wearing, well-dressed girls I saw in Cambridge were speaking Spanish. Just sayin'.


Marta said...

List of stuff Latinas are taught out of the womb:
1)How to feed ourselves.
2)How to walk. (this works on multiple levels)

Thanks for the cheese pic. I guess I am just a little obsessed with the cheese grouping. (don't judge me.)

My love to Patrick and Ilene and thanks for the hook-up. =D

class-factotum said...

Si cocinas como caminas me gustaria raspar (is that the right verb?) la --

how does that end?


I don't judge you on liking cheese.

I invite you to join the party.

Anonymous said...

Si como caminas cocinas, me gustarĂ­a raspar la olla.