Monday, March 02, 2009

I surrender

I waved the white flag and joined facebook. I didn't want to for the same reason I don't ever want to eat that first bite of ice cream -- I have no sense of moderation and pretty soon, those jeans are too tight and I am naked, face down sobbing on the bed with nothing, nothing to wear.

Fin, please don't turn away in disgust. I put in my name, school, and a decent photo because I couldn't stomach putting in an ugly photo. Then I asked to be friends with people who are already my friends.

Here is what I have learned:

1. People have friends.
2. Their friends have friends.
3. My sister has 229 friends.
4. People have photos on the walls, some interesting, some not.
5. Facebook tracks your activities on the Wall and it's very, very dull: "CF has updated her school!" Who cares?
6. People note what they are doing at the moment, which, really, is not that exciting: sitting at the computer reading what other people are doing, which is sitting at the computer

I already have 21 friends, including SH's stepdaughter, my step-step-daughter. She is not SH's friend, ha ha ha. She is also friends with my brother and sister, which explains why my sister asked me the other day if I had sent M a birthday card last week. How did Jenny know it was M's birthday?

SH's step-daughter washing the kitchen floor after our wedding.

SH has only three friends. I have 21. Did I mention that? Not that I am competitive. I have more than SH. Not that this is a contest or anything.

Oh. What is the protocol for letting someone be your friend? I am getting friends requests from people I DO NOT KNOW but who are friends with my brother and sister. Sure, I am flattered. In a way. I am guessing there is a certain status in numbers here, but honestly? If I would not exchange emails or a phone call with you, why would I be your friend?


AndiMAC said...

Ha! I knew you'd give in.... Mr Milwaukee requested my friendship the other day. I saw his friend list and thought no way. I don't need his ex's all up in my business. And well, I guess him too.

MrScribbler said...

You could have 22, y'know....

AKJ said...

I agree - I don't let people be my friends just because they ask. Someone from my high school class (27 years ago) keeps asking - I didn't know him then and don't want him cluttering up my friends list now. Glad you are on though!

Marta said...

I'm still holding out. I get requests to join every single day. (although, you'd be on my short list for people I'd actually want to connect to, but that's not important right now.)


(I'll tell my daughter. She'd love to be your friend. =D)

class-factotum said...

Andi, I'll look for you! I have been wondering what was up with you and Mr M.

Mr S, I would look for you if I knew your last name. I am so ticked off at j'space for so many reasons. My readership has dropped about 80%. I'm not bitter. Really.
Have Harpo send me your stats or get mine from him.

Anita, thanks for the opinion. Of course everyone wants to be your friend!

Marta, I already looked to see if you were on! :) Send Kikita my way ASAP. (PS I keep hoping SH will get a work trip to LA so I can wrangle us a dinner invite chez Marta, the next big Food Channel sensation.)

MeanMommyDoc said...

As one of the 21, I also have problems with people who I do not know asking to be my friend-- I figure if their name doesn't jog my memory (excepting women who have married and changed their names) I ignore them. The cool thing is I have reconnected with lots of people from my past- high school, youth group, Rice, Memphis, etc. FUN!