Monday, March 30, 2009

It's an American thing

Me: You guys duplicated this order and are sending me two Kelly Clarkson CDs. Please cancel one of the orders.

Target: They have already shipped, ma'am.

Me: Can I take one of them back to the store?

Target: No, CDs ordered online cannot be returned to the store.

Me: So I have to return it by mail. That's a pain in the neck.

Target: Maybe you could just call the Post Office and ask them not to deliver one of them and to send it back to us instead.

Me: You're not in the United States, are you?


AKJ said...

And yet the bigger question is why are you buying Kelly Clarkson CD's

class-factotum said...

Talk to SH about that. It's his.

But I gotta admit -- the chick can sing.