Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 281: What is truth?

SH: [reading one of my postings] I don't listen to NPR!

Me: So? You're the kind of person who would.

In honor of our possible trip to England and Cairo in a few months (The Engineer might have to go for work and wouldn't he be lonely if I didn't go with him?), I am posting some photos from our trip to England a few years ago. If journalspace hadn't lost FOUR YEARS OF BLOGGING but I'm not bitter, I would just link to my travelogue and photos of that little excursion, but of course that is not possible now. This is a grave at a very old church in Chipping Campden. We went to this church, expecting a traditional C of E service, but it was the English equivalent of the church in a strip mall, not that there's anything wrong with that, but we were in this 16th-century stone building with beautiful stained glass and we expected something a little more formal than little kids up front singing "If I Were a Butterfly" and acting out the song. At one point, I turned to the person behind me and asked if this was an Anglican service and he didn't seem very sure about his answer, which was a tentative "yes."

SH: And I don't do anything with Phi Beta Kappa. They just send me the magazine!

Me: So write your own blog.

SH: I don't care that much.

Me: Then I guess the truth will be what I write.

Flowers in London.

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