Friday, March 06, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 422: Bedside reading

Serious Honey
A Novel Application of Formal Analysis to Verify LBIST
Tutorial #: OVM in a Multi-Language World
Tutorial 1: A Structured Methodology for Verifying Low Power Designs
Let’s leverage The World’s largest Verification IP portfolio to Accelerate your designs
Roundel (BMW magazine)
Car and Driver
Wine Spectator
Airliner Magazine
A couple of books people have told him he should read but he has not touched

The Great Mortality
Killing Che
Knit Two
And You Know You Should Be Glad
The Sirens of Baghdad
Circle of Five
Liberal Fascism


MeanMommyDoc said...


class-factotum said...

Thanks. The spellchecker even told me, but I didn't notice, distracted as I was from having washed cat pee from not one but two rugs. We may have to return Shirley if this yowling/peeing doesn't stop. I can wear earplugs (even though the yowling alone would be enough), but I will not have my property destroyed by a pet.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Shirley has a bladder infection or issue...try feeding her the Purina urinary tract cat food...sometimes if cats are sick, they will pee on stuff to get the owner's attention...our beloved Alex, who we had for 18 years, used to pee on our bed when we first got him...he was a kitty with a 'tricky bladder'...once we started feeding him that food, we never had a problem since...maybe Shirley is in pain & that's why she's yowling...good luck unraveling this mystery....White-Chocolate