Sunday, March 29, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 84: Trust, or Clash of the Micromanagers

Scene: I did most of the taxes at the beginning of February, but SH made some online donations for which I did not have the receipts. He wants to review everything because he is who he is (I would want to review everything if he did them) and because his first wife was not very financially responsible. But he has not been eager to complete the taxes, even though we are due a huge refund (I know -- I am not a fan of lending money to the government either, but we got married and sold and bought a house in 2008, so it's not like we had an easy to estimate withholding situation), which bugs me because I want the money before the Big O changes his mind and decides not to give refunds any more, but is good in a way because he has been doing other less odious tasks that have heretofore remained undone.

Me: What are you doing?

SH: Putting the [320 bottles of] wine on 2 x 4s.

Me: Are you going to work on the taxes?

SH: I need to keep the wine off the floor [where it has been since we moved into the house].

Me: I could finish the taxes, you know, if you would just print those receipts.

SH: [Silence]

Me: I've been doing my taxes for oh 25 years now. Ever since I began supporting myself.

SH: [Silence.]

Me: I did get an 'A' in accounting at UT, which is a top-5 accounting school.

SH: That's crazy talk.

Me: I got a 97 on my finance final.

SH: Crazy talk.

Me: And I worked at the IRS.

SH: Craaaaaazy talk.


Holly said...

I am the feminists' shame when it comes to all things financial. Kevin does everything. I have never done my taxes and I don't intend to start. I don't do the stock market. I don't do mutual funds. I don't do mortgage calculations. I don't do any of it. I do do cash flow on Quicken. But that's it. If Kevin dies, I'm totally screwed.

Richard in NY said...

You might joke about the big O canceling tax refunds, but it happens with some regularity in NYS. The buget is always late, and without it, the state tax department usually runs out of refund money in mid February.

Holly - it's probably more a matter of when, rather than if.


Anonymous Mother said...

Holly, take it from one who knows, you SHOULD learn about your finances NOW. I, too, always thought there would be lots of time for doing that "when I was ready". Unfortunately, WE do not control what happens nor when it happens.