Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wisconsin 101: The State of Niceness

Case 1

Me: Lois, does your dogsitter do cats? We need someone to feed the cats and scoop their poop this weekend.

Lois: I'll do it.

Lois lives two miles from us. I want someone on our block whom I can pay $5 a day, like a teenager, who will walk over and take five minutes to do the job. It is too much of an imposition to ask a friend to do it for free, especially a friend who lives that far away.

Case 2
I am driving around downtown looking for free parking so I can get a pedicure at the tech school at 12:30. What's the point of a $12 pedicure if you have to pay $10 to park? I see a sign "$2 lunch parking, out by 3." I'm not sure I'll be done by 3, so I stop and ask the guy if he'll take $3 if I'm back by 3:30.

Guy: Nope.

Me: [Crap. All the meters are two hours and it's 12:15. There are some five hour meters, but they charge $1.25/hour and they're six blocks away and I don't have enough quarters anyhow.] Oh. Well.

Guy: Nah. You can stay for two dollars until four. There's enough room.


MrScribbler said...

I'll bet the parking-lot guy would cat-sit for $5/day!

I envy you. I don't live in a nice town. Not that nice, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin people are terrific...spoken like a true native, right?!!? White-Chocolate