Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chats du jour

I am starting to understand bad parents. You know - the ones who have given up and never discipline their kids so the kids are holy terrors who run around screaming in public while the parents just watch, exhausted, or who interrupt when adults are talking or who cannot make it through one hour of church without three toys, a bag of Cheerios and a juice box. I don't excuse them because your job as a parent is to civilize your child, whose natural inclination is to be completely obnoxious (we are all born that way), but I understand. I have been trying to train the cats to stay off the kitchen counter and out of the kitchen sink and I am ready to give up.

Either we have the most stupid cats in the world or the most stubborn. I catch Shirley on the counter or in the sink at least once a day. When I catch her, I spray her with water. At first, I just sprayed her until she got off the counter. But she kept doing it, so now I am going for a scorched-earth policy of following her into the bedroom, spraying continuously as she tries to hide under the bed. I keep thinking (maybe I'm the dumb one?) that she will associate the spraying with being on the counter and think, just once, "Maybe I should avoid getting on the counter so I can avert getting a fine mist of water sprayed into my face."

But no. She is just learning to jump off the counter when she sees me see her and run faster to get under the bed. Apparently, she is capable of learning, just not learning what I want to teach her.


Anonymous said...

CF; All she is learning is that you are going to spray her -- she'll associate you and the spray gun -- the object is to get her to think God did it -- keep the sprayer out of sight and don't let her see you do it -- not easy, I know -- get some double-sided tape at the hardware store -- kitties have VERY sensetive feet and positivly hate that stuff, place it where they have been walking and jumping -- also, cats don't generally jump unto a cluttered surface that they can't see. -- that also works to prevent unwanted scratching and clawing in specific places, like the back os chairs or sofas. Be sure to provide some scratching alternatives -- corrugated cardboard thingies work pretty good, especially if you "salt" it with a little bit of catnip.

I've seen the pics of your kitties, and they are beautiful!

Dale in Atlanta

class-factotum said...

Double-sided tape! That's a great idea! As far as God doing it, though, I think they are atheists. :)

Shirley jumped on to the stove yesterday. I figure she'll do it sometime when it's still hot and that will be the end of that.

They ignore the little carpet scratcher that hangs on the doorknob. We have the cardboard scratcher. They ignore it, too. Even with catnip. They don't like bacon, either. What is wrong with these animals?

Becky said...

When we got a dog trainer, she told us the best time to spray was right before he did something, like when he was crouching to jump on the sofa. After a while, he did pick up that his attempted action would get a bad result. After the action is done, they don't know why they are being sprayed.

Fin said...

Maybe time for a couple of mouse traps on the counter as well. Half a dozen should do the trick.