Thursday, April 23, 2009

Competitive? Moi?

Last night at book club, I agreed to host the next meeting. Last night was my second time to attend. I want to have it at our house in a warm month where I won't have to spend all day heating the living room. May should be warm enough, but you never know.

Here is my dilemma: the hostess* serves snacks. The first meeting I attended, there were cheese and crackers, dip, and tea.

Last night, there were store-bought cookies (and some homemade ones) and lemonade.

More Peace Corps photos. Here are some guys at the feed store in town.

That doesn't work for me. I am thinking the Memphis Junior League secret onion dip (onions, mayonnaise, sour cream, total fat delicious), brownies, wine, at the least.

If I serve really good snacks, does that violate the norms of the group? Yes, I am a total showoff. I told SH I felt sorry for him because him mom bought cookies instead of making them. He is a big Oreos fan. I think they are disgusting, which is probably the conclusion of anyone whose mother made cookies from scratch.

Selling wool at the market in Temuco.

* Omigosh! A sex-specific noun! How awful!


Anonymous said...

They don't know any difference!!! Having been raised in Wisconsin, I am so thankful for the 13 years that I spent in Montgomery....boy, was that ever a life-changing experience!!! Sooooooo....go ahead, put on the white-gloves, polish the silver, get out the china and introduce them to a finer way of life! White-Chocolate

Robin said...

I think that's typical of most of the country that isn't part of the south or the ladies who read Towne & Country. I say go for it.

They don't even change out of their gym clothes? Ew!!!!

class-factotum said...

Robin, only one was still in her gym clothes. I don't know if she'd actually sweated in them or if she was just wearing them because let's face it, gym clothes are very comfortable!

WC, I think you are right! Bless their hearts, they just don't know any better!

Anonymous said...

CF, isn't it ironic that both my hubby & his daddy (both southern gentlemen from Montgomery) chose to marry wild women from Wisconsin, rather than the debutantes they grew up with? Both my mother-in-law & I did manage to 'assimilate' to the southern culture...I learned so much from her about surviving in that culture...White-Chocolate

MeanMommyDoc said...

I would say a home-made yet simple menu will be best. You don't have to make them feel bad by over-the-topping them, but rather well cared-for by showing them you thought they were worthy of home-made-ness (excuse all my wordifying).

class-factotum said...

Doc, that makes sense! A way for me to try all those fun recipes that I don't make for just SH and me but without it seeming like I am trying to make them look bad, which I am no! I just like entertaining and doing it up!