Monday, April 27, 2009

Everyone's a winner

Has it come to this? At the church lasagna supper on Saturday, where SH and I bought 20, yes, 20 tickets and put them all in the bag to win the pitcher and glasses with the blue and pink fish on them (all on a blue fish-shaped tray, so you can see why it was worth 20 tickets), the kid who was drawing for the prizes (which included a hand-crocheted apron and coffee cups, so it was indeed a difficult decision) kept saying, "And the prize goes to" instead of "The winner is."

Have these poor kids been so brainwashed that they don't know the difference between winning and losing? Or worse, that they don't even understand the concept of winning at all?

More Morocco 2006 but I'm not bitter about the whole journalspace thing photos. Yes, those are sheepsheads you see. Or maybe goatsheads. The hanging parts might be stomachs, or tripe, for the people who consider that stuff edible. The people who consider that stuff edible would include my husband SH The Engineer, who eschews anything that ends in "erry," such as cherry, strawberry, etc, or anything with "that orange flavor," like sweet potatoes or winter squash, but give him a piece of tendon or stomach and he is happy as a pig in mud.

Are we going to go to war in 20 years and have our soldiers tell the other side, "We're all special! We're all winners!" while the other side says, "Yeah, whatever, suckers" as they aim carefully and shoot our side as our side cheerfully waves their bright yellow 11th-place ribbons, which make great targets? Or will we be in the Land of Milk and Honey by then when the Lamb and the Lion lie down together and we all live happily ever after?

Third-world countries have a far more practical and sane attitude toward death. The headstone store is between the caftan store and the shoe store in Fez and why shouldn't it be?

PS We didn't win the prize. We are LOSERS.

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