Monday, April 06, 2009

Fishy problem

What would you do? What is the right thing to do? SH and I bought some sushi at a store that I am not naming right now because I have already emailed them about this and I don't want to condemn them before they get a chance to respond.*

Anyhow. This store is 20 miles from our house. We were on our way home from visiting our friends Gary and Bonnie at their lakehouse. We wanted something for supper and the sushi seemed better than the leftover black bean soup and the cauliflower soup that were at home. There was a big ol' tray of sushi for $12.99. SH rummaged through all the trays to find the freshest one. (One of the reasons we don't shop well together -- he is convinced that somewhere, there is a gallon of milk with a later sell-by date on it and it is his mission to find it, even if it means looking at every. single. jug. of. milk. in. the. case.)

This was the view from my office window when I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Chile.

We got home at about 5. We were tired and SH was worried he was getting sick and we were hungry.

The sushi -- no good. It hadn't gone bad, but the rice was dry and hard and the avocados were not ripe or anywhere near ripe. Just not good and certainly not worth $12.99.

Had we gotten it from the store down the street, I would have returned it right then and gotten one of their store pizzas, which is pretty good, or at least the many samples I have consumed are good. But the sushi store is 20 miles away.

Apple sellers at the market in Temuco, where I lived as a Peace Corps volunteer. There were regular supermarkets, but it was more fun to go to this market.

The other thing is that we ate most of it anyhow because we were still hungry and we didn't feel like cooking. We have pretty much eaten the cooked food stash in the freezer, so our non-cooking, non-leftover options were frosted mini-wheats or English muffins and cheese, neither of which appealed to me. I wanted sushi, darnit!

So. Here's the issue. This store guarantees 100% satisfaction or your money back.

Should you get your money back if you eat the product anyhow?

One of the Mapuche ladies I worked with pumping water at her farm.

* Unlike Starbucks, who does not answer the email sent to their "contact us" on their website. If you are not going to answer, then don't have a forum for customer questions, like, how much coffee am I really supposed to get in a small container? Should there be coffee/milk only up to a point and then froth, not even whipped cream, which I was not offered, to the top? As in eight ounces of latte and two ounces of froth? Or something like that, whatever the actual measurements were? I mean, if I am going to pay outrageous prices for coffee while I am stuck in the airport, shouldn't the coffee go to the top? And yes, I should have said something at the time, except I got the coffee and then had to walk 20 gates because they changed my gate at the last minute, so I didn't exactly have time.

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"T-Bone" Lee said...

Hi. Sorry...stumbled on your blog and have to disagree with you on this one. You ate it. You don't get your money back. It was $12.99...pretty cheap for sushi. I have a strict policy of not eating pre packaged sushi for this exact reason....

And if you want the coffee all the way to the top then you can always ask for "no foam" or "less foam"....

Love the peace corps pictures though! :)