Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 272: Life with a perfectionist, or, Life is suffering

SH: Where's the hose for the dehumidifier*?

Me: I put it in the yard.

SH: Why? That's the dehumidifier hose!

Me: I got the stuff to spray on the pear tree and needed a hose. I put the other hose in the front yard so I can keep the grass seeds damp. I didn't want to have to detach it and move it to the back.

SH: But I had that hose arranged and coiled exactly how I wanted it!

Me: I'm sorry. I didn't know. Once I've sprayed the tree, I'll put the hose back.

SH: But it will be dirty!

Me: I can rinse it.

SH: It might still be dirty.

Me: Then I'll buy another hose for the dehumidifier. It was only about $8.

SH [deep sigh]: I'm going to have to arrange it all over again.

* which we are not using right now because the air doesn't hold a whole lot of humidity when it's only 40 degrees.


LPC said...

Optimizing. Is he an engineer? Did you already answer this question and I am being, as my son called me about 10 years ago, a forgetter-head?

class-factotum said...

Oh yes he is an engineer! Usually, he uses his power for good.

TosaGuy said...

I measured how much hose I needed, went to Puhl's and they cut off that much from their monster hose reel. I then purchased the proper coupling and installed. Result: no need to coil the hose.

class-factotum said...

I was just at Puhl's yesterday but didn't see hose by the foot. I will go back and get some once I measure (and once I can use the $5 coupon that becomes effective May 2). Thanks!