Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday random stuff

More Wisconsin 101: The state of niceness

1. I was talking to my backyard neighbor, the one who mowed our lawn and put the trash out after we bought the house but didn't move in for a month (and I would link to the original post about that except it's in my old blog in journalspace, which is dead and which killed four years of my blogging, including my posts about my wedding, and caused me to lose 75% of my readership, but I'm NOT BITTER). I asked him who feeds their cat while they are out of town. He told me that a girl up the street does it, but he'd be glad to take care of Laverne and Shirley when we are gone. I told him we couldn't possibly impose like that (it's not even like he would just have to walk ten yards -- we are in the middle of the block and have a fence between us, so he would have to walk all the way around the block) and he told me oh, no, it's fine, he loves cats.

2. SH won tickets to "The Wonder Bread Years," which is a great show. We went yesterday afternoon. At the end of the show, they give out Twinkies. We, along with everyone else, got our Twinkies as we walked out of the auditorium. Then there was another Twinkie lady standing by the stairs, but nobody took her Twinkies. Nobody. Not just because Twinkies aren't that good,* but because they already had one and it just wouldn't be nice to be greedy and take more.

The problem with church potlucks here is that there is never enough to eat.

3. After the show, we went to the lasagna supper at SH's church. They were fighting over who got to clean up. Typical Lutherans.

4. Not so nice. I applied for a job at the little garden shop down the street. Just a temporary, part-time job. I don't think I got it because they wanted someone to start tomorrow and they have not called me. Maybe writing on the application that I wanted to work there because I thought it would be fun was not the right thing to do. Maybe I should have said I was desperate for money, but that's not true, either. After federal and state taxes, there's not a heck of a lot of money in this kind of job. Even before taxes, there is not a lot of money.

But what interested me was that they asked if I had graduated from high school.

People. I am 45 years old. I did not get married until I was 44. Until then, I earned my own living. If I managed to do that without a high school degree, isn't that what should matter? For this kind of job, I would hire a high school dropout with a great work record and great references before I would hire a PhD who had never had a job. I would hire the dropout before I would I would hire some PhDs I know who have worked, mostly because some of the PhDs I have met (but none of my friends with PhDs) suffer from "I am the smartest guy in the room about everything, not just chemistry" disease and would be awful in any kind of customer service job.

No, I am not anti-education**, but sometimes the degree is not what matters.***

I was hoping to get the job and get a discount on all the bedding plants. Rats.

* I am a total snob about store-bought vs homemade sweets, if you haven't noticed, and I feel sorry for kids whose mothers don't bake.

** Didn't I spend enough on college and grad school?

*** My grandparents didn't go past 8th grade, yet managed to raise really nice kids who are all responsible adults. They also ran their own businesses and supported their families.


Elizabeth said...

Sconnies ARE ridiculously nice. When I first moved here, I got caught in a too-thin coat without an umbrella in a rainstorm, waiting for a bus that was ten minutes late. I had 3 people offer me a ride, and one person wouldn't leave until they had given me their umbrella.

class-factotum said...

Elizabeth, they stop to let me cross the street when I am running when they have the right of way, which makes me nuts because 1) I want them to do what they are supposed to do, which is DRIVE and 2) I want an excuse to stop because I hate running.