Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why I need to get a job, #399

I've addressed some of these issues before, but I'll review:

1. I'm bored
2. And have nothing to write about. Co-workers are always good material.
3. It feels odd to spend someone else's money, not that I'm complaining, but it doesn't take that long* to clean this house and we don't have kids, so I do have time to make some financial contribution to our household.

Who is the Virgin of Guadalupe, you ask? Even in Protestant Memphis, she makes a stylized, reversed appearance. I'm talking to you, Hillary.

4. Right now, I don't have a reason to bathe every day. When SH is gone (as he is now), I find I can go three days without showering. Who cares if my hair is clean? Why bother to take a shower on Tuesday or Wednesday if I know I will be digging up the back yard on Thursday? Sure, I was a little dirty at the gym yesterday, but on Thursdays and Tuesdays, I don't go to the gym, so if I am on Day 3, the only person to be bothered is me. And I don't wear my glasses when I am walking past mirrors, so even I don't see how gnarly I look. I'm just being Green. I'm all about Saving the Earth.

* Longer now that we have cats. I have told SH that if he dies in a plane crash, the first thing I am doing, even before getting rid of all the boxes -- without even checking to see what's inside -- he has in the basement that he brought from California seven years ago and hasn't opened since, is giving the cats back to the crazy cat ladies. They're sweet, they're cute, and there is hair all over the place. I am wearing a fleece right now that serves as a cat hair magnet.

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