Sunday, May 10, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 218: Communication

Me: OK, Mom. Yeah, any time in June would be great. I know SH has a friend coming to visit for Summerfest, but they haven't set a date yet as far as I know.

SH: [nothing]

Me: Let me check the calendar. Nope. We don't have any houseguests for June. So any time you want to come would be fine. We'd love to have you.

More New Orleans.

SH: [nothing]

Me: OK. Love you. Bye.

SH: As long as she doesn't come after June 26th.

Me: Why didn't you say something while I was on the phone?

New Orleans.

SH: I thought you knew.

Me: You just heard me talking to my mom. You heard me mention two separate times that June was wide open. You did not hear me say, "Any time in June except after the 26th."

SH: But I told you that Tom might be coming any time after June 26th.

Me: I can email my mom. That's not the issue. Why didn't you just say something while I was talking to her just now?

SH: Because I thought you knew.


Shoeshine guy on Jackson Square.

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