Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mixed emotions

Remember how annoyed I was at the neighbor who kept parking in front of our house? It's illegal to park on the street overnight here but he was doing it anyhow.

SH and I went to Boston a few years ago. He had to go for work and I tagged along. We went to Rockport over the weekend.

That's not the part that bothered me. It's that he kept parking in front of our house instead of parking in his own driveway. He can't park in front of his house because there is a fire hydrant there and I suppose the driveway is an issue because it's a two-flat and the street parker is a long-term visitor and he would have to do a driveway shuffle, blah blah blah.

Or call the cops and tell them he was going to park in the street, which he shouldn't have to do because it is a public street, but we are in the People's Republic of Wisconsin, which ranks in the bottom fourth quintile of freedom in this country, so what do you expect?

More Rockport.

Anyhow. He is parked in front of the other neighbors' house right now and it looks like he got a ticket.

After doing this for about five months.

So someone must have called the cops.

Which is kind of silly.


Because really, as rude as it is to park in front of someone's house all the time, it is not that great an inconvenience. It is just tacky. And I would never call the police about something like that. A stranger in a blue pickup lingering outside someone's house in the middle of the day a few weeks after our other next-door neighbor was broken into in broad daylight? Yes. I call the police. But someone who says hello when he walks into my neighbor's house? Nope. I don't call about that. I say nasty things about him behind his back, but I don't call the police.

Now. Do I take secret delight in his getting a ticket? That's where the mixed feelings come in. Part of me thinks he deserves it for being rude and not coming up with a better solution for his parking issue or for at least doing the obvious and telling the police that he is going to be parking on the street, but the bigger part of me thinks he shouldn't have to do that. It's like when someone gets a speeding ticket -- my first thought is, "All right! You got what you deserved!" And then I think, "Wait! What's wrong with going 80 miles an hour on a freeway?" And then I get really mad.

The Peoples' Republic of Cambridge. Idiots. Communism as a fashion statement.


Ptolemy said...

I was all, HEY, I know that row of kayaks, and then it was the revisit-pictures-that-once-lived-on-Journalspace-but-I'm-not-bitter post that applies to MY home town! ;-) Did you get a parking ticket while you were here? Next time, you can park in my yard!

class-factotum said...

P, we stayed at a B&B in Rockport, so were able to park there. I would love to visit again and meet you for a piece of apple pie with cheddar cheese crust!