Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition

Eric Holder on waterboarding, via (thanks to Maggie's Farm):

Lungren: So if the intent was to solicit information but not do permanent harm, how is that torture?

Holder: Well, it… uh… it… one has to look at... ah… it comes out to question of fact as one is determining the intention of the person who is administering the waterboarding. When the Communist Chinese did it, when the Japanese did it, when they did it in the Spanish Inquisition we knew then that was not a training exercise they were engaging in.

Torquemada: Team, we're just not getting the results we need. The Boss is not happy. Look at these charts! Confessions are way down! 14% in January alone. I am not happy, not happy at all. We need to change how we are doing things.

Gomez: What about if we try waterboarding?

Torquemada: Gomez, you're an idiot. You think pretending to drown someone who has had his arms and legs dislocated will work?

Sanchez: What if we pulled the rack tighter?

Torquemada: Been there, done that, broken the ropes. Give me something else.

Ximenez: We could use -- soft cushions. And The Comfy Chair.

Torquemada: At last! Yes! That's brilliant! Anyone for a cafecito?


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Anonymous said...

How can you make light of water boarding? It's torture when other countries do it and it's torture when the US does it. I'm certain you actually know this if you really think about it long and hard. Shame on you.