Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rocket man

Here is SH after his first flying lesson last week. I gave him a few lessons as a Christmas gift a year and a half ago and he was finally able to go. Last year was too busy. This is our year to relax. Last year was our year to sell my house in Memphis, move me here, buy a house here, move into the house, have a wedding, host 11 family members, some of them houseguests, for almost two weeks, and take three trans-oceanic trips. Well, technically two trans-oceanic trips but three continents. Two continents and one island. Whatever. Lots of traveling. This year, we are staying at home and watching movies.


Anyhow. I have told SH that if his plane crashes, the first thing I am doing is getting rid of the cats. Then I am putting all the boxes in the basement into the trash. Those would be the boxes that he brought with him from California seven years ago and HAS NOT OPENED SINCE. I maintain that if you can go seven years without opening a box, you don't need what is in it. He maintains he might need what is in those boxes SOMEDAY. Right.

Like he needed the old physics homework from 1982 that we found when we opened boxes in his apartment last spring. Boxes that revealed that SH had been the head physics grader (that part was not a surprise) and the boss of my college boyfriend, Bobby, who was also a physics grader. I was going through the papers that I COULD NOT THROW AWAY WITHOUT SH'S APPROVAL and saw familiar non-SH handwriting. How odd, I thought. I know this writing. It looks like -- looks like -- Bobby W's writing.

I looked more closely at the list of test grades and at the bottom was a note and Bobby's signature. I would say small world, but SH and I did go to the same college and met at our 20-year reunion. He and my college boyfriend both majored in electrical engineering. There were only about 500 people in our class, so the odds that our paths would somehow cross like this in a box 26 years later are not that low.

What is odd is that someone would not only save all that stuff but would move it 1) from Houston to Austin, 2) from Austin to San Jose, and 3) from San Jose to Milwaukee. SH does not travel lightly.

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