Monday, May 25, 2009

What I like about you

This is the kind of guest I like: the kind who really makes herself at home. We had Todd The Realtor and his wife Andrea over to supper last night.

First, I digress with the menu because I know you want to know.

Green salad with homemade (well, from a mix) ranch dressing and blue cheese.

Scalloped potatoes with a ton of cream and fresh asiago cheese omigosh so good.

Baked Vidalia onions with olive oil, salt and pepper ground from the fancy pepper grinder, so fancy that you still have to provide the power, which makes me wonder why on earth it cost $40 if it's not going to do some of the work for you, but we didn't pay for it. It was a birthday present from SH's parents, who finally sent him something he likes, but you can't blame them for sending him ugly shirts all these years because his mother has been asking him what he wants and he has never given her an answer and if someone asks and you don't say, you get an ugly shirt and it's your fault so quit whining.

Grilled porterhouse steaks with SH's mustard-pepper crust and a white wine cream sauce with fancy mushrooms that we got at the Madison farmers' market on Saturday when we went to see my cousin who is at the U-Wisconsin burn center for chemical burns he got from liquid ammonia two weeks ago. The moral of that story is if you see a middle-aged man running down the street yelling and pulling off his clothes at 8:17 p.m., he might not be a crazy man and maybe you should stop to see what is going on.

The rest of the potato chocolate cake I made last week for book club and whipped cream. You may have noticed there was a lot of cream on the menu and you would be correct. Sendik's had it on sale. They had pints and half pints for 50 cents each, which makes me wonder why anyone would buy the half pint when you could get an entire pint for the same price.

I bought four pints, thinking I could throw some of it in the freezer. Then Andrea told me that since she has switched to organic milk, she is breaking out a lot less, so now what do I do with all this cream? I will switch to organic if it means I don't have zits on my chin. I don't care about the politics of organic (OK, I do care, but in the other direction -- hello, pesticides have allowed us to feed the world with a lot less labor), but I do care about what my face looks like.

Anyhow. We ate and ate and it was fabulous and then we were cleaning up and Andrea did something that always endears a guest to me and that is that she just started to PUT THINGS AWAY and not only that but SHE PUT THEM WHERE THEY BELONGED, which means she GETS MY KITCHEN which means SHE GETS ME which means she is VERY SMART INDEED.

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