Saturday, May 02, 2009

Whither Saturday?

Wow, CF, three posts in one day. What's up with that? Have you nothing better to do on a gorgeous Saturday than to blog? Don't you and SH have an action-packed life?

Well. Yes. Usually.

We were supposed to go to our second salsa class today. Actually, we were supposed to go to our second salsa class in February, but the instructors rescheduled because they decided to go to a salsa competition in Chicago instead, which seemed a little unprofessional to me. You know -- commit to teaching a class months in advance and then hey! one week before the class, decide to go to a competition instead and not know when you are going hold the replacement class. So what if the new class date isn't convenient and so what if the reason the students signed up for the two workshops two Saturdays in a row was so they could remember what they had learned from one Saturday to the next? Big deal. There's a competition, people! Let's focus!

So anyway. We were supposed to go to our second salsa class today. This was one of SH's Christmas gifts to me -- taking a salsa class. He is not excited about it, claiming he can't dance, but hello, that is the reason you take a class, to learn to dance. The man can sing, he has a definite sense of rhythm, there is no reason he cannot learn to dance.

I love to dance. In college, when he was out drinking with his buddies, my friends and I and our fake IDs were out at country western bars, two-stepping and polkaing with the older guys in my dorm. For whatever reason, they had taken some classes the year before (maybe they had figured out that dancing was a faster route to girls than getting drunk?) and they would take us dancing. I have taken ballroom dancing, tango, salsa, whatever. I just want SH to dance with me. That is a way he could get me to stay out late, although just regular bar-going, with its cigarette smoke and beer and just off heroin women fighting with pool cues has its attractions.

His other Christmas present to me was even better than taking dance classes, but I can't talk about it here for reasons that are complicated but trust me, it is a fabulous, incredibly great present. I hope he gives me the same thing again next year.

Back to salsa. We were supposed to go for class #2 today but I got a call last night that the class has been postponed again because omigod WHAT IF WE ALL GET THE SWINE FLU???!!!!!!!

Yes. We are in Milwaukee. We are how many states away from Mexico? Many. Many states from the border. Schools and other taxpayer-funded organizations have closed. Now the salsa class, which already has our money, is postponed.

Because of the swine flu.

Oh please.

PS SH is happy because now he has more time to Save Big Money at Menard's.


SH said...

You had a fake ID so that you could two-step at a country bar, not because you wanted to buy alcoholic beverages? That's sad.

class-factotum said...

Yeah. Which of us had a love life in college?

I rest my case.