Thursday, June 04, 2009

Chats du jour: Brave Sir Robin

This is why I think it's OK to let Laverne "I must be free, FREE!" wander the neighborhood, even though SH is worried that she will be eaten by the non-existent pit bulls. She is scared of

1. The lawnmower (our reel lawnmower)
2. The garage door, both opening and closing
3. Cars
4. The 70-year-old lady who walked past our house yesterday. She was carrying a bag of groceries, so I can see how she might be perceived as threatening.


John0 Juanderlust said...

It is a risk to let a creature follow its nature, but I think the cat who craves to wander a bit should be accommodated when possible. The tough part is not worrying when the cat doesn't show up when expected. Mine sometimes disappeared for longer than I liked but they always came back and thanked me for giving them the freedom.
I'd have a cat now except I'm in coyoteville, and I only keep pets that can come and go at will.

TosaGuy said...

I was walking the fair streets of Tosa last night and some kid came up to me and asked "Did you lose your cat?"