Sunday, June 07, 2009

Chats du jour: Fat cat

Laverne is gaining weight again. Her Buddha belly has returned. She's still gorgeous, but the vet told me to keep their weight down -- said that there is a cat obesity crisis and we need to be careful.

I don't understand why Shirley doesn't defend her meal, especially considering she has spent so much time trying to unlock the secrets of the cabinet door behind which is stored the cat food. As you can tell, she has not made much progress. It's a good thing Shirley can get by on her looks.

She is gaining weight not because she is a fabulous hunter, catching her own food -- no, she will stalk the rabbit but will not attack, which makes me wonder if she is some kind of rabbit negotiator and can't we just talk about our issues?, but because she is rude. She shoves over to Shirley's side when she is done with her own food and eats Shirley's.

Shirley, who is a lover not a fighter, does not protest. I have half a mind to let the two of them sort this out by themselves, but I can just see Laverne becoming twice Shirley's size and high vet bills that SH would want to pay over my protests as cats, bless their little hearts, are somewhat fungible.

Here Shirley looks under the stove for the mouse that is right next to her.

Shirley eats the way SH eats: She takes a bite, chews on it, looks around the room, takes a drink of water (wine in SH's case), thinks about life. Eventually, she takes another bite.

In the meantime, Laverne has a mission and that mission is to complete her meal and then move in on Shirley's, which makes Laverne like me. Laverne puts her head down and eats. No ritual. No contemplation. Just focus on the task at hand. Once she is done with her food, Shirley's is fair game. You snooze, you lose.

Mighty hunters.

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