Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crowning glory

Reasons I have changed my haircut appointment at the last minute:

1. The cool girl in my body pump class at the Y wants to go out for coffee after class and the only time she can go that week is when I was supposed to get my hair cut. She wants to be my friend! The cool girl! My hairdresser understands.

2. SH and I have to get to Summerfest before noon next week to get the cheap admission and then a wristband for re-admission later in the evening so we can see Earth, Wind and Fire for only $2. Plus we have to go to Kopp's* to pick up some Midnight Chocolate Cake custard (Rich, dark, sinfully delicious. Chocolate truffel pieces, thick fudge and dark chocolate custard). We can't go before we go back to Summerfest because the custard would melt, even in a cooler, and Kopp's closes at 11 and we might not be able to get there before then after the concert. My hairdresser understands.

Reasons I should have changed my haircut appointment and did not:

1. When I first moved here, I had SH's hairdresser cut my hair. My instincts were against it because if I didn't like what she did, then it could be awkward for SH with her later. But I tossed my discomfort aside, tra la, tra la, thinking, "I have a bob! How hard can it be?" And then I decided I was tired of my bob and showed her a photo of a very cute haircut on a very cute woman only the haircut looked really bad on me and I didn't look anything like the cute woman in the photo, even with that haircut, and I didn't like how my hair was sticking out around my ears so I (despite years of experience that it is a Really Bad Idea to Cut My Own Hair) grabbed the scissors and started whacking, which, unsurprisingly did not help. My Memphis hairdresser Geri would never have let me get the cut in the first place. She was good enough to say, "Oh honey. No. That won't work with your hair." But here? I knew better. And SH's hairdresser didn't know me or my hair. So I had to spend the next four months tugging on my hair, willing it to grow so that when we got married, I would have enough hair that I would not look terrible in photos.

* Kopp's: my mom's friend Pat sent us gift certificates to Kopp's as a wedding present. How nice was that?


LPC said...

Takes one to know one. Cool I mean.

class-factotum said...

You are sweet, LPC. Thank you. :)