Friday, June 26, 2009

Fish for Friday

Bonnie and I went to the Kohler Design Center yesterday, where we saw $12,000 tubs and gorgeous glass $3,000 sinks that would show the tiniest bit of toothpaste the second they were used but that's OK because anyone who can spend $3,000 on a sink (not including the tap or the drain) can also afford someone else to clean it twice a day.

This gorgeous sink, perfect for your lake house, was several thousand dollars.

Then she, SH and I went out for sushi. One of the flavors is Milwaukee [something] Roll, which is perfect, because it's important that I keep my Milwaukee Roll. Don't want to get too skinny or men will think I don't like to eat or drink beer and men around here (especially my husband) don't like that quality in women.

No, we did not finish it. I am about to have some for breakfast.

She took a photo of the Wall of Toilets and I have borrowed it.

I like the Atlas Shrugged theme here. Which, now that I look more closely, I realize is invisible to you. But trust me: there are naked muscular men holding up the toilets.

I am so impressed with Kohler. My mom hates it when I talk about the ladies' room, but honestly, doesn't it bug you when you go into a public restroom and there is nowhere to put your purse but on the floor? I do not want to put my purse on the nasty dirty public bathroom floor! Well, Kohler had hooks all over the place. Whoever designed the ladies' room in the Design Center had obviously used one before, unlike whoever designs ladies' rooms for airports.

The toilets in the ladies' had this tab. I asked one of the women working there what that was all about and she did not know.

I would rather use this kind of toilet than a dirty Western one, but where do you put your stuff? And you sure better have been doing your squats if you want to do this right.


LPC said...

So in my company's office in Shanghai we installed primarily Western toilets, only one squat. The part where the Western toilets got used as THOUGH they were squats was problematic. But you know what? It's their country, their culture, so be it. I'd rather focus on having, as you say, LOTS of hooks on the ladies rooms in the US. Also for shopping bags. And coats. Like 4-5 wouldn't be too many.

class-factotum said...

Exactly! When you are shopping or traveling, where are you supposed to put your stuff? NOT on the floor.

I remember using the squat toilet -- merely a hole in the ground -- at the bus station in La Paz. I had a backpack that I could not set down because the ground was nasty. I had to do a very delicate balancing act to pee in the right place, not get it on my legs, and not fall backwards. All the while, this old Amayra woman was watching me. Yes. No walls. Talk about pressure.

Maureen at IslandRoar said...

I bet that tab is so they can lift up the lid w/o touching the parts people have sat on??

class-factotum said...

Maureen, I think you are right, but I had thought that if you wanted to be able to touch a part that wasn't sprinkled on, wouldn't the tab get it as much as the seat?

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that you also stopped at the American Club, also owned by Kohler. We always stop at 'The Greenery' for lattes or ice cream & enjoy the gorgeous stained glass walls which were salvaged and transported from a Children's Hospital in England.
White Chocolate...

John0 Juanderlust said...

Do not let the fanatic green brigade see that last photo. Those who never suffer are sure to foist these on the rest of us

Anonymous Mother said...

Didn't your mother teach you never to put a photo of a "squat" toilet in the same blog entry with a photo of food???

class-factotum said...

Apparently not.

badger_doc said...

Where is that sushi place? Looks delicious!!

Anonymous said...

I think it was Umami Moto downtown.