Monday, June 01, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 178: Retirement, fame, the price of fame

Me: I went to see Jen Lancaster at her reading.

SH: Who's she?

More from San Francisco 2008. While SH worked, I played with my friend/employer Luke, who is also going to marry my friend/co-pedicurer Kim.

Me: She got laid off, started blogging, then wrote some books and now she's a best-selling writer.

SH: Why don't you do that?

Me: Sha. Because she's good and I'm not.

SH: But you're unemployed and a blogger.

At a bakery in SF.

Me: Yeah, me and a gajillion other people. Besides, I can't write about any of the good stuff. Look what happened before when I even mentioned something little when I was still on journalspace.

SH: Oh. Yeah.

Me: You know what I'm talking about. I can't write about any of the stuff that people would want to read. About [ ]. And the [ ]. And what they [ ]. Then there was the time [ ].

SH: Yeah. That could be trouble. They could still find this blog.

Me: Imagine if I actually wrote a book!

SH: You'd have to use a pseudonym.

Same bakery, different view.

Me: Oh right. And then how do I go on Oprah? And how do we explain the book tours? Jen has been touring for two months.

SH: Tell you what. If you write a bestseller that lets me quit my job, you can write whatever you want about all that stuff and I will deal with the consequences.

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